Boundaries Over Brokenness

Weekly: Mondays | 6:30 pm


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Boundaries Over Brokenness


This group is for women of color (ethnic background) or women who have children of color. If you are 23-45 years old this is the perfect group for you to build community and covenant. We will focus on healing from any residual effects of trauma, navigating life in today's society and learning to set healthy boundaries. Together, we will learn both practical and biblical principles that will strengthen you mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You don't have to suffer in silence and go through this journey alone when you have sisters here to help you. Join us and find your people for life.
Group Details
Small Group Category: Women Age Demographic: 30s Has Childcare: No Study Name: TBD Location: Apple Valley/Rosemount Session Range: Oct 2 – Dec 11
  • Crystal Timberlake (Leader)