Culture Shock

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Culture Shock


Culture Shock: A Biblical Response to Today’s Divisive Issues. Bring light – not heat – to divisive issues! We will watch a 20-minute video on the topic of the day followed up by questions/discussion on the topic and conversation on how to apply the principal both in our lives and in our interactions with others. This course will show us how to base our convictions on research, reason, and biblical truth. By doing that we’ll be able to speak the truth in love on the topics of abortion, homosexuality, sex, politics, the environment, and more. Culture Shock is every believer’s must-have guidebook to replacing reactionary hate with revolutionary love. Group members will need to purchase a book for about $10.
Group Details
Small Group Category: Men Age Demographic: All Ages Has Childcare: No Study Name: Culture Shock by Chip Ingram Location: Lakeville Session Range: Oct 10 – Dec 12
  • Duane Helwig (Leader)