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We will discuss the role of the Christian church regarding racism. Christians have the unique opportunity to enter into conversations about race and reconciliation in light of the hope of the gospel. As believers, we must commit to acknowledging the history of racial injustice in our country and the church’s complicity while clinging to the hope of the gospel and finding practical, biblical ways to address these problems. Vision Men will model their lives after Jesus Christ by putting faith into action. MISSION: Inspire men to develop Christ-like lives PURPOSE 1. Grow in faith to be a man that is more Christ-like, 2. Learn and reinforce our Christian values so that being Christ-like feels normal, 3. Develop Christian male friendships so we can learn and support each other during struggles and celebrations in life. This will be the 4th year this group has existed with many men returning. I am retired. Other men are working and retired. We learn from each other with discussions after the videos and spend time getting to know and pray for each other.
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Small Group Category: Men Age Demographic: All Ages Has Childcare: No Study Name: Two video series: Race and the Gospel by BRYAN LORITTS and MATT CHANDLER. Kingdom Race Theology by TONY EVANS Location: Meets Virtually Session Range: Oct 2 – Dec 4
  • Gary Wax (Leader)