Find your People Women's Study Group

Weekly: Thursdays | 6 pm


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Find your People Women's Study Group


Before this study was a study, it was the number-one question Jennie Allen got from women: "How do I make friends as an adult?" We'll look back at the community almost every generation has had until us—and how we are living differently. We'll look at what God meant relationships to be and how we have hijacked that. Learn how to live life less alone and more in community—perhaps in ways you have never thought of before. There is a study guide that goes with this study that is $12.64. This Group will meet for the first time at the Blaine campus - Kick-Off night on Tuesday, Oct. 3, 6:30pm – 8:30pm.
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Small Group Category: Women Age Demographic: All Ages Has Childcare: No Study Name: Find Your People by Jennie Allen Location: Blaine, MN Session Range: Oct 12 – Dec 1
  • Paula Durand (Leader)