Crazy-Making: Why We Keep Doing What We Don't Want to Do

Wednesday | 7:30 pm


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Crazy-Making: Why We Keep Doing What We Don't Want to Do


Have you ever kept doing something you don’t want to do? We all have these patterns in our lives that we just can’t seem to shake. No matter how disciplined we are, how much willpower we drum up, or how many times we seek accountability, eventually we find ourselves sucked back into repeating the same patterns again. It’s crazy-making! Everyone’s struggle is different. For you, it might look like criticizing, substance abuse, over-working, sexual sin, people-pleasing, or hundreds of others. Jesus has given all of us a way out of these crazy-making cycles, and it has nothing to do with white-knuckling our way to freedom. Join us in this four-week study as we explore where these patterns come from, why we keep repeating them, and how to stop the crazy and live in the freedom Jesus makes possible.
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Small Group Category: Everyone Welcome Age Demographic: All Ages Has Childcare: No Study Name: Trueface Team Location: Meets Virtually Session Range: Oct 11 – Nov 2
  • Jane Harris (Leader)