Book Study for Singles on The Case for Christ

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Book Study for Singles on The Case for Christ


Have you ever wondered about the compelling evidence that points to Jesus of Nazareth as the Son of God? Are there credible reasons to believe in His divine nature? In a world where skepticism often prevails, some dismiss the Jesus portrayed in the Gospels, claiming there's no substantial evidence to support the case for Christ. However, Lee Strobel, a former legal journalist and one-time atheist, begs to differ. Author Lee Strobel knows how to ask the tough questions. His personal journey in search of the truth about Jesus took him on a path from skepticism to faith in Christ. Through meticulous investigation and rigorous inquiry, Strobel uncovered compelling evidence that challenged his atheistic worldview. He discovered that there is indeed a strong case for Christ, supported by historical, philosophical, and spiritual evidence. So, why is reading 'The Case for Christ' important? It's a transformative exploration that sheds light on the depth of evidence supporting the divinity of Jesus and provides readers with the tools to engage with the questions and doubts that may arise. Whether you're a skeptic seeking answers or a believer looking to strengthen your faith, this book offers a thought-provoking and enlightening perspective on the case for Christ. Understanding and learning about apologetics is important in strengthening our faith, engaging with doubts, being effective with evangelism with intellectual integrity. Some of my personal faith growth has been through the study of apologetics. It encourages critical thinking, research, and the exploration of deep philosophical and theological questions. This growth can lead to a deeper and more nuanced faith. In summary, apologetics plays a vital role in helping all of us strengthen our faith, engage with doubts, share our beliefs effectively, and navigate the intellectual challenges of the modern world. It is a valuable tool for both personal spiritual growth and engaging with a diverse and pluralistic society. Join us in this captivating journey of discovery and find compelling reasons to believe in Jesus as the Son of God. **Please note that this group will be meeting virtually, is intended for singles, and that each member will need to obtain a copy of the book to use throughout the session! More details to follow via email upon successful registration for the group.***
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Small Group Category: Singles Age Demographic: All Ages Has Childcare: No Study Name: Lee Strobel Location: Meets Virtually Session Range: Oct 11 – Dec 13
  • Kathy Swanson (Leader)