Young(ish) Women on the East Side

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Young(ish) Women on the East Side


Hi, my name is Steph. With 3 boys, a husband, and a full-time job, my life and mind can be very busy!! I have had a hard time finding an open group that focuses on late-20s/30s/40s women in the east side community and thought it was about time to start another. We all need a community to grown, learn, struggle, and do life with and I am so excited to be opening our home for this opportunity. In our group, we will be going through the study guide, Get Out of Your Head, by Jennie Allen and watching the corresponding study videos on Right Now Media to tackle some of the big and small issues we all face as young(ish) women in the fast pace, stressful world around us. I really look forward to meeting you and creating a safe and inspiring place for us to grow closer to the Lord and each other over the next several weeks! **Please note that each group member will need to obtain a copy of the study guide to use throughout the session and our first meeting will occur at Groups Kick Off, Monday October 2 from 6:30-8:30pm at the Woodbury campus! More details to follow via email upon successful registration for the group.**
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Small Group Category: Women Age Demographic: 30s Has Childcare: No Study Name: Get Out of Your Head - Jennie Allen Location: Lake Elmo, MN Session Range: Oct 9 – Dec 11
  • Stephanie Liukonen (Leader)