Community #Goals

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Community #Goals


This is a co-ed group looking to have a good mix of men and women so half the spots are reserved for guys and half for gals. UPDATE: All the women's spots have filled and all remaining spaces are available for men only. Ladies, if your registration comes through after this update was added, I will let you know via email and encourage you to check the directory for other groups, as I want you to find community! // Hey! My name is Hannah, and I’m excited you’re interested in joining the group! We are a group of “youngish” adults in their mid - late 20s and 30s. Each week we’ll be meeting at a local grocery store’s meeting room (trust me, it’s not weird 🙂) to discuss the Eagle Brook weekend message and go deeper into the Bible passage connected to that week. That’s the what, now here’s the why. It can feel really hard and intimidating to build a friendship, not to mention a community, and to have those people share your faith and core values. That’s where this group comes in. The goals for this group are to 1) grow our community, 2) grow our faith, and 3) grow in how we live out our faith. Are you in?! **Please note that our first meeting will occur at Groups Kick Off, Monday October 2 from 6:30-8:30pm at the Woodbury campus! More details to follow via email upon successful registration for the group.***
This group is over capacity by 2 individuals.
Group Details
Small Group Category: Men Age Demographic: 30s Has Childcare: No Study Name: Discussing the weekend message Location: Woodbury, MN Session Range: Oct 9 – Dec 11
  • Hannah Ewing (Leader)